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Pets Policies

At ‘Stickytree.co.uk’, we take our responsibilities towards protecting animal welfare seriously. The Pets category is to help people find good, safe, and caring homes for their pets. In order to protect animal welfare and uphold UK laws, please respect the following rules when posting an ad on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’:

  • Members are allowed 2 re-homing adverts within a 12-month period. Ads exceeding this limit may be removed. Note: A litter can be listed in one ad as long as all individuals are included in the photos. Multiple litters from different parents or born at different times may not be listed in the same ad.
  • Animals cannot be swapped, traded, or advertised for free on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’.
  • Pet Wanted ads are not permitted on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’.
  • A pet is for life. As such, we do not allow the advertisement of animals as Christmas presents, Easter Presents, Valentine’s Day presents, etc.
  • We do not encourage breeding on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’. Stud/breeding services are not allowed. Similarly, animals cannot be sold for the purposes of breeding or when already pregnant.
  • Litters may not be advertised before they are born. This includes hatchling eggs.
  • Puppies, kittens, and other mammals may not be sold before they are 8 weeks old. They may be advertised on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’ before they are 8 weeks under the condition that the ad states that they will not be re-homed until they are at least 8 weeks old.
  • All dogs over 8 weeks must be microchipped before sale.
  • All pet ads require a photo of the exact animal being sold. If selling a litter, each pet must be pictured in the ad, either as a group or individually. Lost/found ads are exempt from this policy.
  • ‘Stickytree.co.uk’ does not allow any ads that offer shipment of animals. Animals may only be sold locally so that the transactions can occur in person and the welfare of the animal can be ensured. For this same reason, meeting in a third-party location is not allowed.
  • Imported pets are not allowed. This includes rescue animals from overseas.
  • Under no circumstances may animals be sold for fighting purposes.


Certain types of pets are not permitted on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’. As well as our list of animals that we do not allow, please do not post a pet if they fit into any of the following restrictions:

  • Dogs with docked tails, cropped/clipped ears, or tacked eyes are not allowed to be sold on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’. These types of services are also not allowed. Note: Eye tacking is permitted in breeds that are prone to entropion, such as Shar Peis.
  • Cats that have been declawed or birds that have had their wings clipped are not allowed to be sold on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’. These types of services are also not allowed.
  • ‘Stickytree.co.uk’s’ Pets category is intended for pets only. We do not allow the sale of working or hunting dogs.
  • ‘Stickytree.co.uk’ does not allow the sale of animals for feeder purposes (i.e., mice to be fed to snakes), whether alive or frozen.
  • ‘Stickytree.co.uk’ does not allow the sale of animals that require a license to own under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.
  • For a more detailed list of which species we do not allow, read our Animals We Do Not Allow article.

Policies for Pet Related Items

  • ‘Stickytree.co.uk’ does not allow the sale of prong collars, training collars, or spray collars.
  • The sale of prescription drugs for pets is not permitted on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’. This includes contraceptive drugs for pets.
  • Pet food, treats, and vitamins are not allowed to be sold on ‘Stickytree.co.uk’.
  • Breeding equipment may be sold as long as it does not come with an animal.

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