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Due to increased number of SPAM-ers registering every day on this website to produce SPAM, the registration will be done by sending your VALID email address and desired Nickname to the Admin.

All you need to do, is to send a short message to: [ admin@stickytree.co.uk ], like in the example below:

Hi, I want to register as member on stickytree.co.uk so I can start posting my Free ADs. My Nickname will be: xyzxyz and my email address is: xyzxyz@yahoo.com

Once your message has been sent to the Admin, you will receive the login credentials.

IMPORTANT to ALL Members/Users !!!

1. By asking the web-site's Admin to become a Member/User of StickyTree.co.uk and after receiving your login credentials for using the web-site, you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions of use of StickyTree.co.uk.

2. If you don't use the website to post Free Classifieds ADs or you are using the web-site to produce SPAM your membership / User Account will be deleted without further notice.

Thank You for understanding this NOTICE also the Terms and Conditions of StickyTree.co.uk!